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present participle: resourcing

1. provide with resources

“a strategy which ensures that projects are adequately resourced”


WHAT I DO? I successfully develop and strengthen businesses.  It's the love of a great business model that brings reality to ideas and goals and I provide business owners with the freedom to look into new opportunities, the tools to set and achieve objectives and, the knowledge research and implement cost effective business solutions. 
WHY I DO IT? I love developing healthy and robust solopreneurs and small to medium size businesses. Having supported many start-ups and worked through change of business models, I know how to be prepared for the worst and go for the best. During the most difficult of times we have seen that small businesses have the adaptability, drive and strength to offer great solutions and remain profitable.

WHY DO YOU DO IT? Running a small business isn't always easy but remember, passion lead you to start up and when determination doesn't get every job done it's a really good time to partner with me.  

HOW I DO IT? Simple, but effective, I become part of the team. I limit the amount of clients I work with to give the very best of my experience and time to achieve our goals. And... post engagement I provide continued support and regular one to one check-ins.

HOW DO WE DO IT? I provide every business I work with the time to take a step back and look into the business.  To realise the ideas you had parked while too busy, or to pivot into new ways of working to accommodate the current climate or review and put into action plans for the future.

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