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Business Health Check

24th January 2020


Business Health Check for £95.00




As a small business owner I know how hard it is to be the business developer, accountant, administrator, IT support, HR and more.   


So what happens when every day jobs start to become a real chore?   


➭ I wish my emails were easier to prioritise and respond to

➭ I wish I could find my documents faster

➭ I wish I could find regularly used web sites easily

➭ I want all my client /  project files in one easy to locate folder

➭ I want my invoices and purchase orders sent out on time


We really do love to help create a stress free work life balance and have great feedback from our clients to show how well our straight forward, easy to use results really work.




Go from 😡 to 😌!


It's not always about working harder. If we can create new easy of working that give you the freedom to explore new ideas or catch up on any overlooked opportunities (or just to sit and think ☕️) then you've made a huge investment in your business 📈.


Just email or call to book in a time to health check you and your business. Yes! YOU and your business, because if you are struggling then a lot of areas in your business will too. 



For your Business Health Check review call or email me on 07786 655929 or clare@cmresource.co.uk