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Free Help from CMResource

14th April 2020


FREE CALLS WEDNESDAY are going strong with 30-60 minute sessions:


Where we talk about how your business AND you are weathering this crisis 🌪️


Revisiting your passion and plans for the future 🗃️


Explore new ways of business 🖥️


See how your customers are reacting 🤝


Are you feeling passionate and realistic about your business and still thinking like the great business person you are?


I had a session with a client recently who is working frantically on great ideas to help other business (mostly for free, such as tips and technical support) but is rapidly losing the confidence in business engagement and fees.


This could be an issue for work now, and following the lifting of current restrictions. We still need to be engaged with our businesses, talking about earning an income and being confident with our charging structure.


Wednesday honesty hour where your business concerns are given airtime and together we create strong coping strategies for the next few weeks.