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Working From Home - How To Cope

27th March 2020


There's so much amazing help coming in from all directions, thank you everyone for supporting independent businesses and offering your time and expertise.


If you're struggling to know which email to read, which tip to pick up, how to negotiate the amount of information out there for you - here's an idea 💭:


📝 think about what's important right now - home, family, work.

⏰ look at how much time you can give and where the most benefit will be received.

😟 check out your stress levels and keep a note of when they peak and dip.

👫 talk this through with a friend, family member, colleague and see if you can find a balance.


If you're still worried email me, clare@cmresource.co.uk, and we'll create some calm out of the overwhelming amount of stuff you have to deal with.


We can work through this at your pace and bring back some balance.


📷 by Hello I'm Nik