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How To Tell Your Story

17th February 2020


What's your work process?


I'm working on several really exciting projects:


📝 The biography of a coaching consultant.

📷 The business development of a photographer.

🎼 The raising of sponsorship for a music festival.


And while focussing on these it made me think about my work process.


I don't just take on a project and turn out the same formulaic style of work, I have to really feel how my clients want to be represented.


Often I wake very early and an idea starts to form that then crystallises into words, images and the voice of the project.



I get very motivated and engaged which in turn heightens my receptiveness to searches, visuals and editorial so that I can uniquely represent my clients and their brand values.


If you're struggling to tell your story, build or shift your business direction - let me think about it with you.


I really love the creative process of meeting you, my new client, listening to the reasons you started your business and turning that into the drive required to be energetic and goal focussed.






Photo by bady qb on Unsplash