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The long and the short of it at CMR

17th November 2020


Business strategy and development the CMR way – uncomplicated, approachable and output driven

You started your business because you are passionate about what you do and the products and services you deliver. However, as a founder of a business you can sometimes feel overwhelmed and stuck for inspiration. The responsibility to deliver, market and grow, falls at your door and can sometimes leave you feeling isolated.


We didn’t like feeling that why so we started CMR. To relieve that pressure and provide cost effective solutions that :

A perfect combination of mentoring and advisory services with business development techniques and a friendly approach. Giving you the time to take a step back from working in your business to work on your business.


Supporting you how and where you need it most - investigating new opportunities, bringing the tools to set and achieve objectives, and the knowledge and research to implement cost effective business solutions.

Whatever you need we are here for you.


Our advice puts you at the centre.

We know every business is different, so we approach each of our clients as an individual. Getting to know what you want to achieve and what lies at the heart of your business, helping you grow in a sustainable way without compromising your values.


We have been referred to by some of our clients as a business therapist because of the unique way we work. Providing you with a safe space to talk openly and honestly about your business, the issues you are facing and providing you with an action plan in plain language broken down into easy to achieve stages.


The beauty of the plans we set for our clients is that they are personal to your business and future goals. We’ll work with you on a regular basis to ensure that it reflects exactly where you want to be, helping you adapt to new trends and market changes and avoid those business growing pains.


A member of the team, outcome driven

We are passionate about our clients businesses, so we work with you to become part of the team, dedicated to getting the best results for you, now and in the future. We like building up small businesses - taking you from one success to the next.


Whether reinforcing your brand through social media or launching a new product, CMR will provide the tools to help you educate and engage clients, finding the best channels for your community and building a strong and healthy customer base.

Our flexible support means we can join forces with you by the hour, every week, monthly or for years (which we have with several long term customers), with charging structures that work with your budget.

Coming from a background in marketing, advertising, business development and recruitment, CMR will help you to explore ways of engaging effectively and intelligently with your customers.

Our portfolio includes businesses that offer sustainable food solutions, live and virtual classical concerts, health and wellbeing solutions, money coaching and interior design, mostly for small businesses & SME’s, so we have good experience of the different ways businesses need to adapt and change according to environmental and competitor shifts.


At CMR we join forces with a you, immerse ourselves in understanding your product or service, and get to know the targeted demographic of your customer, thereafter building a brand profile that is clear for your business values and mission.

The end result is often the place to start any planning meeting so every future element of communication is driven towards that goal.