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You have your business up and running like a charm, but is it time to grow? At CMResource, we can offer you support throughout your growth, and help your company step up to the next level. 


Brand Development


Brand development is a process of engagement following seamlessly from market research and running in parallel with a product launch and full social media attention. 


Client awareness builds business recognition leading to product confidence and sales. Branding is key to this, and with digital channels saturated with marketing, you need to stand out.


  • Building trust via research, marketing and content strategy
  • Reflecting the personality of your brand with logo, tag line and visual identity
  • Creating your brand experience by advertising, social media and in print



CM Resource
CM Resource

Websites and Social Media


Getting online is part and parcel of being in business today. Staying on top of all the platforms, posts, analytics, reactions, comments, messages etc. can be an enormous task.


We identify the most relevant social media channels, where your potential customers are online. It could be Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. Then we help you build out engaging and distinctive content plans that will raise the profile of your organisation, giving value back to the communities you create.


We know that staying on top of your online presence can feel overwhelming, but we also know that social media, and the content you produce via your website, can be extremely powerful tools for generating visibility, leads, sales and a return for all your hard work.


Our team can advise or fully manage everything from:


  • Insight and strategy
  • Audience/channel engagement and growth
  • Content creation/social branding
  • Measurement and analytics support



Flexibility is the key to ensuring your business is able to grow successfully.   As part of your business planning and development, recruitment is the foundation for growth.


At CMResource we look not only at the match..slot…match…slot old style recruitment but also at those who have potential, transferable skills, dedication and the desire to work hard. 


Predictions are that there will be an upsurge in flexible, agile, remote workers and, as there is no longer a ‘job for life’, people may opt to work on contract or sometimes for multiple companies.  So we need to establish your business needs and ‘who’ to best fulfil them.  Flexibility is giving us more choice than ever when tailoring a job and personality profile. 


  • Identifying recruitment needs
  • Establishing progression within the role
  • Attracting the right person
  • Shortlist and pre-interviewing
CM Resource
CM Resource


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"Our trade account status was elevated, all due to Clare operating as business developer as well as business support, really part of the team."