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Business Strategy


Where do you see your business in 12 months? 5 years? and beyond?


Wherever you see yourself we can help you make those ideas a reality.


Working with you to create a bespoke plan to help you meet your individual business goals.


Breaking the plan down in to easy to manage and achievable milestones that you can really sink your teeth in to.


Keeping you motivated, positive and on track to achieve something wonderful.


Regularly reviewing and refreshing your core strategy helps you to stay ahead of the competition and ensures you are delivering products and services your customers want.


Change might seem scary and a lot of work but it doesn’t need to be.


We’ll work closely with you to ensure you feel confident, creative and able to make those positive changes to take your business to the next level.

CM Resource
CM Resource

Business Development


Got big plans for your business but not sure where to start?


Together we can explore new partnerships, investment opportunities and acquisitions and pinpoint the best options for your business.


We’ll also help you avoid those pesky growing pains ensuring you can grow sustainably without it impacting on the day to day running of your business.


Business Planning


Want to take the next step with your business but struggling with overwhelm and not sure where to start?


We completely understand where you are coming from and know that it’s hard to find a good starting point for those big goals.


Together we can explore the best course of action for success, looking in-depth at where you are now and where you want to be we’ll help you join the dots.


Providing  you with solid actionable advice on how you can get there within your chosen timescales.

Websites and Social Media


Getting online is part and parcel of being in business today.


Staying on top of all the platforms, posts, analytics, reactions, comments, messages and more can be a tricky task.


Your business is great and you know who you want as a customer so let’s make sure they know all about you.


With fresh eyes and a customer focussed approach we'll work with you to review your brand messaging and create a personalised strategy and presence that represents you and your business.


Helping you stand out from the crowd and grow your business confidently and consistently.


Are you a bit overwhelmed with social media?

If you are then we connect the dots with:

  • Insight and Strategy
  • Audience/Channel Engagement and Growth
  • Content Creation / Social Branding
  • Measurement and Analytics Support

Puttng the 'social' back into social media - it's got to be successful to stay fun, then you want to be more social, which means your engagement gets better and then it's successfull.....

CM Resource
CM Resource


General Factota


"Our trade account status was elevated, all due to Clare operating as business developer as well as business support, really part of the team."