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Managing business finances can be an overwhelming task, with an ever-growing pile of receipts and invoices to ‘file another day’. It doesn’t have to be like this! CMResource can help you migrate to and implement Xero accounting software, which can centralise and speed up all your bookkeeping tasks. We can also apply add-ons to support project planning, expenses, forecasting and more, along with training to help you become a Xero whizz.


From Excel to accountant ready tax returns, CMResource will train, personalise and migrate existing accounting systems into Xero.


If you still wish to work within a structured Excel environment, CMResource has clients who prefer their projects to be planned, costed and run via this software. It’s highly accurate and can be downloaded to PDF for sharing and security purposes. Comments show workings or issues with products/lead times etc. Excel is efficient with the bottom line, however, it Is not as smooth as Xero accounting in search functionality, database, and email.


Why not get in touch to find out how we can help you and your business.

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