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present participle: resourcing

1. provide with resources

“a strategy which ensures that projects are adequately resourced”


Hello and welcome to CMResource, I’m Clare, a business strategist (posh word for someone who loves a plan and mobilising the resources to get stuff done!).


As a small business owner I know how much time it takes to start-up a business, to keep it lean while you’re growing your client base.  And then, when you’re so busy the lines are blurred between work and free time, to realise that something must change to keep your health and business in check.


Here’s some detail about how I work.


1. Before I work with any client we sit down and talk.  About anything and everything.  Mostly work, but occasionally outside influences that may be affecting the balance we want to achieve.


2. I know how hard it is to let go when you’re the only one in control but ‘a problem shared really is a problem halved’.  Clients come away from our sessions feeling very positive and unburdened. 


3. Feedback is very important to me, to make sure we are heading in the right direction and achieving goals at the right pace, so listening is key to our work. Breaking down the conversation into workable stages of importance and, just as key, unimportance.  It is really lovely to find out that you don’t have to do everything!


4. And finally, I also have help with my business; I outsource my accounting, I work with a great business owner to look at my own strategies and use an amazing coach who gives me great peace of mind which I in turn give to you.


You can view case studies from my amazing clients on my blog page.

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